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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you sell your products?

We sell our bulk products by the ½ yard, full yard or by the bag. Most of our stone is sold per pound with each stone type having a different price. Also, some of our items are sold per piece.

What kind of gravel do you recommend for a driveway?

We recommend 5/8″ crushed, but we also have 3/8″ crushed or 1 ¼” crushed rock that will also work well in driveways.

How much stone will I need for my patio?

This will vary, if you call us with your square footage we can assist you in getting the right tonnage that you would need for your patio.

What is a Super Sack?

A Super Sack is a large bag that fits on a pallet. They can hold between a ½ yard to 1 ½ yards of bulk material excluding bark, playchips, topsoil, and cobble. They can be delivered on our pallet truck to save on additional delivery charges if multiple products are needed.

Is there a minimum?

We have a 3 yard minimum on bulk items and a 2 ton minimum on boulders.


How soon can you deliver?

Depending on the time of year, typically within 1-2 days.  We encourage you to call ahead to reserve your optimal delivery day/time!

How much is a delivery fee?

Our delivery fee varies depending on the type and amount of product you purchase, as well as the distance to your location. Please call us at 360-668-4390 and we will provide an accurate delivery estimate.

How much can I get in one delivery?

We have several delivery options:

  • Our large dump truck can hold up to 12 yards of heavy material or 15 yards of light material with a maximum of 14 tons.
  • Our large dump truck and trailer can hold up to a combined __ yards of heavy material or __ yards of light material, with a maximum weight of __ tons.
  • Our small dump truck can hold up to 6 yards of heavy material or 10 yards of light material with a maximum of 7 tons.
  • Our pallet truck can fit between 8-10 pallets with a maximum of 11 tons.
What is the smallest amount of material that you can deliver?

We can deliver any amount to you!


How much does one yard of material cover (bark, play chips ???)?

One yard will cover approximately 300 square feet 1 inch deep.

How much will one bag of 1/2-1 inch pebbles cover?

One bag of 1/2- 1 inch pebbles will cover approximately six square feet, one inch deep.

How many sand bags equal one yard?

Approximately 50 bags of sand equal one yard.

How much stone is on a pallet?

A pallet of stone averages between one and one half – two tons. The price per ton varies depending on the stone you choose.

We expect our customers to have lots of questions!  We have attempted to answer some of the most common questions below. Please contact us if you don’t see your question addressed below.  We are here to help!