Accepted Materials


Bring us your brush and we will turn it into mulch

Brush is a no brainer recyclable material.

Just like wood, it is 100% recyclable. There is no reason any brush should be taking up space in the landfill. Brush is a clean, valuable resource for us. Because of it, we are able to create our Dark Mulch, Wood Chip Mulch, and Hog Fuel. These products are often put back into the yards that the brush was taken from. Which is one of our favorite things to see. Nothing better than full circle recycling.

Brush includes tree trimmings, leaves, landscape debris, and stumps. If you are unsure about the material you have, give us a call.

Still unsure if we take it?

We can help with that.

Call us. If we don’t take it we will find somewhere else that does.