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Welcome back to our final summer craft series, rock painting ideas. If you haven’t, you should check out our past crafts here and here.

Who doesn’t love a good cactus? Except for those thorns…That is why our last DIY idea is a cactus stone garden! This is my personal favorite rock painting idea in our summer DIY craft series. The simple idea adds a classic look to anywhere in your garden or inside your home. Check out our last rock painting ideas.


What you need:

  • Rocks
    • Long oval shaped rocks are best for this. Remember to clean them and sand them down if they are not smooth.
  • Paint
    • One or two shades of green will work. You can see below what we used.
    • White paint for the spikes
  • Sand
  • Small pot/jar
    • This is where you can get really creative with how you want your final project to look. Remember if you are putting it outside to choose a pot that will do well in the outside conditions.

Now time to construct your cactus garden! Paint your rocks the shades of green you have. Once the rocks are done drying, paint on your “spikes” with the white paint. You can also paint some little cactus flower on the tops to add a little pop of color. Once all that has dried fill your pot with sand and arrange your cacti in whatever position you like. You can look below to see how we did it.


Rock painting ideas rock painting ideas

Rock painting ideas

Thanks for checking out our Summer DIY rock projects! If you made any of these projects leave us pictures in the comments. Remember to follow us on Facebook!