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New Stone Column Product

We are excited to have a new category of stone columns – Basalt Columns! And even more excited that we have a fantastic selection of sizes (length and width) and styles (polished ends, natural ends, flat ends, angled ends, drilled and  non-drilled).

Basalt stone columns can be used in all types of landscaping, including in residential and commercial projects. They can be used in water features, as well as in dry installations. Some people like to group the stone columns, others like to use just one.  This is such a versatile product – let your imagination go!

Currently we have 23 different types, plus small seats and bird baths — for a total of 25 products to mix/match! Also, if you find a stone column you want that isn’t drilled, we can drill it for you.

Because there are so many options, our customers are always happiest when they come to our yard to see the columns and pick out the ones they want. We invite you to visit our yard!

Below please find some examples of the raw product, as well as a couple of examples of the columns in finished products.

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Basalt Stone Columns
Drilled Basalt Stone Columns
Basalt Stone Columns
Basalt Stone Columns
Finished Display of a Basalt Stone Column
Basalt Stone Column Border
Basalt Stone Column Water Display