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Below we have compiled the basic instructions how to build a sand set patio. Please note that all information is based on general advice and the conditions of your project may require additional equipment, materials and/or steps.  We hope this provides some general information to help you as you research and plan your project.  Happy building!

Tools Needed:

• Shovel• Trowel• Rock Blade Skill Saw• Compactor
• Rake• Rock Hammer• Marking Pencils & Paint• Hose
• Mason Levels• Rubber Hammer• Wheelbarrow• Broom


1. Preparation
a. Find a generally level spot for your patio.
b. Mark out the patio using landscape paint.
c. Determine how much stone you will need by measuring Length x Width = Square Feet.
d. Take this measurement with you to Clearview Nursery, and we will help you figure out how much stone you need!

2. Excavation
a. Excavate approximately 5-7” and remove soil from patio area.
b. Set a scrap plank down on the ground, so that it runs the length of the patio. Place a carpenter’s level on the plank, and check for a level reading. It won’t be exactly level yet (unless the area you picked for the project is precisely level), but it won’t be difficult to correct that. Just scrape away more dirt on one end or the other, as needed, to achieve exact levelness.

3. Foundation
a. Wet soil and compact
b. Spread 1-2” of 5/8 minus gravel for the base and compact.
c. Spread 1-2” of builders sand on top of your 5/8 minus base.

4. Laying the stone
a. Place flagstone onto gravel and sand base, keeping a consistent distance between the stones.
b. Level by wiggling the stone into the sand or added more under the stone as needed.
c. Tap with a rubber hammer to settle.
d. If needed, cut stone by using a hammer or mason saw as needed to fit.

5. Finishing touches
a. When the sand set patio stone is laid, sweep stone, so the sand/dirt falls into the joints.
b. Hose it down and sweep again.
c. Do this step 3-4 times. This is called hydraulic compaction.

If you have questions, please give us a call or visit our yard – we are here to help!