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Halloween Ideas For Your Yard


With Halloween creeping up on us some of us want to start decorating our yards. For some Halloween marks the beginning of yard decorations to make your neighbors either jealous or annoyed. We have complied our top five favorite Halloween ideas for your yard. We know that not everyone can spend hours planning and setting up decorations, so we helped by creating a short list of decorations anyone can do. For those who do spend hours putting together their yards for the holidays, here are some extra ideas to add to your already awesome yard!

So here is to the eight foot inflatable ghosts, the zombies crawling through your yard, and tombstones in every yard, and scaring the crap out of kids. Or you know, just giving them candy


1. Skeleton in the ground

Halloween Ideas, Skeleton in the yard

This is an easy and quick decoration that is sure to creep out the kids in your neighborhood. We like that you have two choices here. You can do the simple skeleton in the ground, or you can create a mini graveyard with bricks, or for an even creepier look, use stones.

Things you will need:

  • Skeleton (preferably one you have to put together or can separate the bones)
  • Possibly rocks to create a graveyard like area (optional, but looks extra cool!)

How to: 

Simply take different parts of the skeleton and place them in your yard. You chose to do the simple version with only the skeleton in the yard, as seen in the picture. Or you can go the extra step and create a mini graveyard like the one in the picture. They used rounded bricks, but we think it would be cooler and creepier if you used rocks. This would give it a creepy haunted house feel. Luckily you can find the perfect rocks at our yard! (LINK TO CLEARVIEW)


2. Glowing stones

Halloween Ideas, Glowing Rocks, Glowing path


This is landscaping brilliance! This will look good year round. It is so simple and a wonderful way to light your walkway for you trick or treater’s. For an extra fun stone glow path use stickers, or paint a bat on the stones with either black or the glow in the dark paint! The picture shows small stones lining the walkway, but really you can any size rock. Maybe try a big boulder even! This would be especially great if you have a spooky yard and do not want to ruin your atmosphere with turning the lights on. Safety is important, I guess.

What you need:

  • Stones!
  • Glow in the dark pain/spray paint

How to:

Simply take your stones and paint them! So easy. Let them dry for probably a good 24 hours, just to make sure. Then place them wherever you would like!


 3. Skeleton Flamingos

Halloween Ideas, Skeleton Flamingos

Everyone knows the yard flamingo, but how many have seen them like this?! Nothing like flamingo skeletons to spice up your landscaping! This may take a little artistic skills, but I am sure you know someone in the family who can pull this off. There may also be stencils of bones you can find at your local craft store or even printable ones.

What you will need:

  • Yard Flamingo
  • Black and white paint (Krylon sells a paint that works on plastic)
  • Skeleton/bones Stencil (optional. Can easily be found online by doing a quick search for “flamingo skeleton stencil)
  • Tape for stencils


How to:

First you will need to make sure the flamingo is clean and absent of dust or debris.

Then you can add a base coat or primer coat if you want. Or simply just paint the flamingo black.

After the flamingo has dried, probably wait 1-2 days, you can begin to paint on the bones. Either free hand this or use the stencil you have purchased or printed out. You can also choose to outline the bones with a black marker first. This will be nice because you will easily be able to cover that up if you mess up before you paint it white.

Time to paint that bird’s bones! This might also be a good opportunity to use more of the glow in the dark paint. Because who doesn’t like glowing flamingos!?


4. “BOO” Potted plants with bats!

Halloween Ideas, BOO bat planters

This not so creepy potted plant idea is perfect for those of us who love the cute Halloween decorations. This one is pretty simple but still looks like you bought it from a store! My favorite part is the little bats!

What you will need:

  • Pots, can be any material
  • Cheese Cloth
  • Spray Glue
  • Black Paint, or what ever color you want to the “BOO” to be
  • Stencil (BOO and bats)
  • Black Construction paper
  • Wood sticks/picks
  • Plant!

How to:

The first thing you should do is cut the cheese cloth into squares that will fit on the pots. Then you will use the letter stencils, placing B on one cheese cloth square and O on the other two. Let this dry. Once it has dried spray the back of the cheese cloth with the spray glue. Place the cheese cloth on the pot and make sure it is securely in place. Let this dry. Then move on to your bats. Take the construction paper and use the bat stencil to draw and cut out a bat. For each bat you will need two cut outs. Place the wood sticks in the middle of the bat cut out. Spray glue, or just use regular glue, to glue the two stencils together with the wood pick in between. Do this for however many bats yo want! Now take your plants and plant them in the pots as you normally wood. Once that is done stick your bats in the pots and, VIOLA! You now have a cute Halloween plant decoration!


5. Painted stones

Halloween Ideas, Painted rocks

Who doesn’t love cute little ghosts, pumpkins and cats!? These are my favorite Halloween idea because they are so simple and cute. Acrylic and water based paint will work best for this project, so keep that in mind. These are fun little guys to put around the yard. Also a great place to use glow in the dark paint! This is also a great project to do with the kids. For extra fun, glue a magnet to the back of the rock for a fridge decoration!

What you will need:

  • Stones! They can be shaped like ghosts, candy corn, pumpkins or anything else you want to create.
  • Paint (the colors depend on what you want to make!)
  • Glow in the dark paint (optional)


How to:

Clean the stones, make sure they are free of dirt and other debris.

Spray paint the stones or paint them, whichever you prefer.

When paining on the details (eyes, and such) you can either use the paint, or you can use a black marker. The marker might be easier to control and get cleaner lines.




We hope you like these Halloween Ideas and hope to see some of them around the community! Please feel free to leave us pictures of what you have created and give us ideas too!

Happy Halloween!