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Fall is officially here. Our sun has retreated to behind the clouds and the leaves are covering our yards. But we still have work to do. Fall cleanup for our yards. Most people think about sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes when they think of fall but it is also an important time to do some yard maintenance. From garden stones to compost, we got you covered with how to maintain your yard in the fall and still have some fun. By doing a few simple tasks you set yourself up for success in the spring and really amp up your landscaping skills!


Clearview Nursery’s tips and tricks for you fall yard


  1. Clean Out the Gutters


Do this before the rain really picks up. That way water build up won’t happen (as bad). Cleaning your gutters at the beginning of fall and spring is always a smart choice. Cleaning them out before most of fall and winter allows for leaves to build up without clogging the gutter and potentially causing damage. Make sure you clean it out in spring as well, or else you could still have that damage.

2. Mow the Leaves


Some people may not prefer this, but I think it is an easy way to deal with leaves. Make sure you mow over them a few times to make them small. Then you have some options. You can leave them there and let them naturally decompose or you can also use it as compost or protection for other areas of your yard, which we will get into below. Mowing your leaves is a great idea for those of us who already feel cleaning the yard is hard enough (I can’t be the only one…?)

3. Protect Your Bulbs (Or Anything Else)

You can use the newly chopped up leaves as an extra layer of protection for your bulbs or other plants. Keep your landscape safe! Give them a little extra protection, it will pay off in the spring. You can also surround the area with some garden stones. No one wants to put in the effort to plant the bulbs and then have nothing grow in spring.

4. Compost

Composting is kind of the hip new thing, but honestly, it’s great. By throwing your leaves in your compost pile you are already setting yourself up for a successful garden in the future. If you don’t have a compost pile and want to know how to create one, click here.

5. Plant Trees, Bushes, and Shrubs


Fall is a great time to plant trees and brushes. The ground will eventually freeze and you won’t be able to do much, not that you would want to. This is another great time to use some of those chopped up leaves or compost you created. By planting in the fall your trees and shrubs will endure less stress than it would in the more extreme weather times.

6. Leaf Art

garden stones

Crafting is totally yard maintenance… Here are a few of our favorite leaf art projects.

Leaf Painted Canvas

Leaf Turkey Candleholders

No-carve Pumpkin

7. Decorate with Garden Stones

Here is another trendy, but really cool idea. Paint some rocks and place them around your yard. Or create a tic tac toe board like we did! This is also a great way to add some color that winter will be taking away.



Now that you have some ideas get out there! Remeber that doing yard maintenance in the fall saves you time in the spring. Plus it doesn’t have to be all work. Enjoy the colder weather and the warm coffee. Fall is officially here.

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