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Rock Projects Week Two

Welcome back to our DIY craft series. This week we incorporate canvases into our DIY rock projects. We really love these projects because of their simplicity, not just in the aesthetic, but also the execution. Simply gluing rocks onto a canvas to create shapes is a different way to creatively use rocks in art projects. These projects are wonderful for any room, but would look especially wonderful in a children’s room.

Check out our pictures below to see what we did and don’t forget to leave pictures in the comments if you have done a rock project!


Rock Canvas

What you need:

  • Rocks! Smooth ones are best. Make sure they are clean too! Depending on what you are going to make will determine the shape
    • For our bird one we used round rocks and cone shaped ones
    • For our foot one we used a large oblong shaped rock and five smaller oblong shaped ones
  • If you find rocks that you like, but they are a little on the rough side you can always use some sandpaper to smooth it down a bit
  • Canvas
    • White canvases are the norm, but using one with different colors would make for a cool interesting rock project
  • Glue, a hot glue gun would work best

Now comes the easy part, because it all pretty easy! Start making shapes with your rocks to create the image you want. We did feet, which reminds us of walking through a beach or maybe a baby’s footprint. We also made cute little birds. For this one we use a small twig to create something for the birds to stand on. Once you have the image you want glue all the pieces down. That’s it! Pretty simple right? Now go make some rock art and show us the pictures!

IMG_6832-min IMG_6833-min


IMG_6838-min  IMG_6837-min


Thanks for checking out this weeks craft. Check back next week to see our final project, as well as a little surprise. Make sure you like us on Facebook to keep up with all our news and fun projects.