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Boulder Project

Below please find an example of a boulder project completed with our 1/2 – 1 man granite boulders. The homeowner wanted to have less yard maintenance. They also wanted to highlight the beautiful tree in their yard. To do this they removed the grass around the area (in a perfect circle – pretty impressive!), brought in 3-way topsoil and built a short wall (2-3 rocks high). In addition to the boulders, they created a path with cowboy coffee flagstone (also our product). This is a great, real-life example of how to use natural stone in your yard.

granite boulders cowboy coffee flagstone granite boulders

We are so happy that this home owner was able to create a beautiful landscape with our product! We always love to see what our customers do. Our boulders are always an easy way to spice up a yard. So simple and so classy.

If you are interested in creating a similar project, or better yet, creating a custom project, stop by our place for help. We have trained, experienced, and friendly staff that are more than willing to help you out with your current or next project. Even if you do not have a project now or a future one, still come by! Our yard is littered with unique yard art and antique farming equipment. Bring your kids on a weekend for an easy family day out!


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