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From Garden Stones to Compost – Fall Yard Clean up

Fall is officially here. Our sun has retreated to behind the clouds and the leaves are covering our yards. But we still have work to do. Fall cleanup for our yards. Most people think about sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes when they think of fall but it is also an...

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Welcome back to our final summer craft series, rock painting ideas. If you haven't, you should check out our past crafts here and here. Who doesn’t love a good cactus? Except for those thorns…That is why our last DIY idea is a cactus stone garden! This is my personal...

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Clearview’s Summer Craft Series: Rock Canvases

  Rock Projects Week Two Welcome back to our DIY craft series. This week we incorporate canvases into our DIY rock projects. We really love these projects because of their simplicity, not just in the aesthetic, but also the execution. Simply gluing rocks onto a...

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Clearview’s Summer Craft Series – Rock Painting Ideas

Clearview's Summer Craft Series Summer crafts can be entertaining for the whole family. Though, if you are like us, we like our crafts to be relatively easy. While some may be working in the garden, those of us with no green thumb may be working in a different kind of...

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New Product: Basalt Stone Columns

New Stone Column Product We are excited to have a new category of stone columns - Basalt Columns! And even more excited that we have a fantastic selection of sizes (length and width) and styles (polished ends, natural ends, flat ends, angled ends, drilled and...

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How To Build a Sand Set Patio

Below we have compiled the basic instructions how to build a sand set patio. Please note that all information is based on general advice and the conditions of your project may require additional equipment, materials and/or steps.  We hope this provides...

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Granite Boulders – A Project Idea

Boulder Project Below please find an example of a boulder project completed with our 1/2 - 1 man granite boulders. The homeowner wanted to have less yard maintenance. They also wanted to highlight the beautiful tree in their yard. To do this they removed the grass...

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Sorticulture 2015

We are thrilled to support a long-time customer, Northwestern Landscape & Design at the 2015 Sorticulture Garden Arts Festival. The event was at American Legion Memorial Park in Everett. We loaned Northwestern Landscape & Design natural stone products to help...

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